Little ones for Christ Home (Loch) is voluntary and non profit organization fully registered (charity no.S.5914/6661). The organization is non denominational although based on Christian principles.


Little ones for Christ Home was started in 2006 in response to the suffering, children go through as a result of war and aids scourge. The initiators wanted to follow Christ’s example when he said that “let the little ones come to me”

 In this they envisioned a world were children have a good environment for there spiritual and mental growth. The organization is open to all children irrespective of their religion, ethnic, race and sex.


OUR MISSION: The purpose of the organization is to empower orphans, to become healthy responsible citizens through provisions of basic education, practical and life skills, by networking with our partners through well focused programs, managed by skilled and dedicated personnel. The aim of the loch is to support orphans and vulnerable children, in their urgent and long term needs. The organization supports orphans from families living with orphans, focusing on affected by war and disease through it is various programs. The home takes a proactive approach to providing great opportunities for orphans through care, interaction and education.


Loch affiliates and co-operates with national and international organizations with similar aims and objectives.   






The objectives of the organization shall be:



·        To help rise up orphans in a home environment which imparts on them Christian values

·        To see that orphans grow up in a peaceful and comfortable home environment, such that they have hopeful and promising future.

·        To create opportunities of attaining education to orphans who because of war and disease can no longer afford to go to school.

·        To promote proper growth of health children by giving them assistance as the foundation can afford.

·        To do any other such activity as shall be deemed necessary for the fulfillment of our aims and objectives s